Saturday, January 28, 2012

Human mistake or Holy miracle?

After much waiting, we heard on Thursday that Ray's test results for PKU came back normal. In processing our experience, I really felt compelled to ask the specialist why they took the approach with us that they did.  Going from blood from the newborn screening test, they discussed Ray's condition in the affirmative without having a confirmed diagnosis.  Why was that?  Wouldn't a more logical, conservative approach be something along the lines of..."Come on in, let's retest him, we'll see what comes back and we'll take it from there...but in the interim, do you have any questions?"  I understand that Vanderbilt is a teaching and research hospital, so maybe that has something to do with it, but the whole experience left us feeling like we'd been slammed into airborne debris due to the wrath of a tornado.

So, when Natalie called to share that the third and final test was normal, I asked her "How many false positives have you encountered?"  Astonishingly, in her four plus years of experience, she's only seen one other false positive and that was with a patient they were already treating.  They've NEVER seen a false positive with an outpatient.  We're the first.  Wow.  In learning this, I guess I have to give Natalie and the over eager team the benefit of the doubt.  If they've only seen one other false positive in over four years, then I can see why they took the approach that they did.

We quickly spread the good news to family and friends along with this mind-blowing news about the rarity of Ray's case.  My brother-in-law's response really got me thinking...Was this purely a human mistake or could this be a Holy miracle?  Did Ray have PKU and by the grace of God, through all the prayers that were lifted, did God take this disorder away from my son?  Or is it just a statistical outlier?

I wouldn't call myself a religious person.  I haven't been to church consistently since I was a child and I had a born again experience in college that was short-lived.  However, I do consider myself a spiritual person and a firm believer in miracles.  Is this God's way of showing us His power and love for us?

What do you think?  Have you ever experienced a miracle and felt God's hand in it?


  1. Either way....mistake or miracle, you have been in my prayers and I have a grateful heart that Ray is A-Ok! Much love to you both.

  2. The question is why did God take this from Ray? To what end and purpose?

    I believe that reconciliation is what God wants more than ANYTHING for us - a right relationship with Him.

    In my eyes, this "miracle" is clear evidence of the beginning of a beautiful relationship...